Spring 2019 (Volume 29, Number 1)

Update from CRUS

By Michael Stein, MD, FRCPC

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The Canadian Rheumatology Ultrasound Society (CRUS) began ten years ago in response to the emergence of the worldwide influence of sonography in rheumatic diseases. Since 2010, CRUS has functioned as a not-for-profit institution with the central mandate of educating Canadian rheumatologists in all aspects of clinical sonography as well as focusing on research and certification.

The CRUS yearly basic sonography course has introduced sonography to more than 250 learners since 2010. This unique course, held over two weekends, has been taught by Canadian and international experts, combining cadaveric anatomy instruction with hands-on sonography and instructor-reviewed homework. The course has been held in Hamilton until this year, when it moved to Toronto.

CRUS also hosts a successful yearly cadaver injection course (taking place after the CRA meeting), as well as several one-day sonography updates held across the country. Our sonographers have participated in national and international workshops, courses and studies for all levels of Canadian trainees and have been involved with the Outcome Measures in RheumAtology Clinical Trials (OMERACT), the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) and the European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR). CRUS members have had many podium and poster presentations and have influenced sonography worldwide. CRUS holds a yearly research competition with a $10,000 award. We are in the process of obtaining a diploma certificate from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada with the intent of establishing a one-year sonography fellowship.

CRUS is made up of rheumatologists from across Canada who are passionate about sonography. Many people have contributed to the initiation and ongoing success of CRUS including (in no particular order) Abe Chaiton, Johannes Roth, Maggie Larché, Diane Wilson, Chris Lyddell, David Collins, Alessandra Bruns, Maria Bagovich, Chris Penney, Susan Barr, Lihi Eder and Shirley Lake. We would not function without the excellent administrative skills of Ms. Alyssa Long and our webmaster, Mr. Kevin Firko. We are indebted to AbbVie as a founding and continuing sponsor as well as Amgen, BMS, Esaote, Janssen, General Electric, Lilly, Merck, MiSource, Novartis, Pfizer and Siemens for their ongoing support.

The mighty CRUS executive.

Sonography guided injection course.

CRUS has accomplished a lot in its first 10 years. Though we are small, we have a large footprint. CRUS members have had a significant contribution to the academic literature, especially in the domains of pediatric and entheseal sonography. In the upcoming years, we believe that CRUS will continue to be a leading innovator in education and clinical research and participate in a big way on the national and international stage. Our newly designed website,, has lots of information regarding our activities and upcoming events. Check it out and join! Membership is free!

Michael Stein, MD, FRCPC
Assistant Professor of Medicine,
McGill University
CRUS President,
Montreal, Quebec


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