Winter 2023 (Volume 33, Number 4)

CRA Education Committee Update

By Beth Hazel, OLY, MDCM, FRCPC, MM

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Photo (left): The CRA Education Committee at their meeting at the 2023 ASM in Québec City. Photo (right): Dr. Elizabeth Hazel (current Chair of the Education Committee) and
Dr. Raheem Kherani (Past-Chair).

In taking over as the Chair of the CRA Education Committee, I reviewed the impressive record of my predecessor, Dr. Raheem Kherani. It is not an overstatement to say that he, along with the steadfast dedication of many committee members, transformed this committee.

At the start of his tenure, the Education Committee was a group of passionate educators who were involved in various projects across Canada. Raheem built on the excellent work of Chris Penney and, with the dedication of many committee members, was able to further organize this group and structure subcommittees to take on specific tasks. Under his leadership, the committee went from meeting annually to quarterly, and the results speak for themselves. The Undergraduate Subcommittee took on the project of developing a national rheumatology curriculum. The Postgraduate Subcommittee developed an impressive slate of resources and events to support rheumatology residents and program directors across the country; the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Subcommittee addressed accreditation and maintenance of certification (MOC) projects; and Raheem refined the role of the CanREAL group of medical educators to serve as scholarly resources.

Over the past year, this well-oiled machine has continued to turn out exciting new projects. The Postgraduate Subcommittee, under the leadership of Drs. Dharini Mahendira and Marie Clements-Baker, is advancing a national rheumatology immunology curriculum. Dr. Greg Choy is working with the CPD Subcommittee to facilitate MOC requirements for our CRA membership. The Undergraduate Subcommittee is exploring developing a resource hub to support undergraduate, internal medicine, pediatrics and early postgraduate learners.

One of the Education Committee’s long-term projects is to restructure the committee to oversee all educational priorities of our members and optimize educational content delivery across different committees. To this end, we will be changing the timing of the annual needs assessment to early each calendar year, so that we can help facilitate the development of pertinent educational activities throughout the year. We have begun our restructuring efforts by increasing collaboration between all groups involved in resident educational activities, including the Residents’ Pre-Course, the National Written Rheumatology In Training Exam (NWRITE), the National Rheumatology virtual OSCE, and the spring and fall resident education events offered by the National Rheumatology Residents' Curriculum (NRRC) Program Committee.

I am excited to work with Claire McGowan, Deborah Kim, and our tireless group of rheumatology educators to continue to build on the work that this committee has achieved.

Elizabeth M. Hazel, OLY, MDCM, FRCPC, MM
Division Director, Rheumatology,
McGill University Health Centre
Assistant Dean, PGME, CBME
Associate Professor of Medicine,
Division of Rheumatology, McGill University
Montreal, Quebec


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