Winter 2022 (Volume 32, Number 4)

AMRQ Update

By Frédéric Morin, MD

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Hope Springs Eternal. . .

Last year in this annual update from Quebec, I told you about the possibility of thinking about a more modern rheumatology practice integrated into a model approved by the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services. After much work and canvassing, we are finally at the point of a needs analysis and the possible introduction of a rheumatology practice support model. It goes without saying that this model, if approved by the highest authorities, will be sustainable and will, without a doubt, improve access to and quality of care for our patients. The Quebec rheumatology community is ready to transform itself to serve the public better. We remain dependent on the government and its political actions, and it is with hope that we enter this process. Maybe in 2023, I will be able to tell you that a supported practice for rheumatologists in Quebec has been implemented.

The year 2022 was a time of great reunions with the 25th annual AMRQ conference. We really missed seeing each other and talking about science and other things. Better still, Quebec rheumatologists’ group spirit has not died out — quite the opposite. This quarter-century milestone allowed us to review the history of rheumatology in Quebec with all of the AMRQ presidents in attendance: Drs. Éric Rich, Michel Zummer, François Couture, Denis Choquette, Frédéric Massicotte, Nathalie Langlais and myself.

Also, it was quite an honour to have awarded the 2022 AMRQ Merit Award to Dr. Jean-Pierre Raynauld, a rheumatologist recognized by his peers for his expertise, his teaching skills, his contagious enthusiasm, and his magnetism on the dance floor.

With the pandemic behind us to some extent, we all look forward to seeing you again.

Frédéric Morin, MD
President, Association des médecins rhumatologues du Québec
Montreal, Quebec


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