Winter 2022 (Volume 32, Number 4)

Encouraging Early Diagnosis and Self-management

By Trish Barbato, President and CEO, Arthritis Society Canada

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I love the new year. There’s renewed energy and an opportunity to focus on key priorities.

We all know early diagnosis and treatment are critical to minimizing joint damage and disability in people with arthritis. That’s why we’re launching a campaign in January to encourage people to take action at the first signs of joint pain. Rolling out over social media, our campaign will encourage Canadians to take our symptom checker online, discuss any symptoms with their healthcare professionals, and take steps now to self-manage their symptoms.

We were excited to announce in November the results of our first Community Action Grants competition. From radio programs in Igloolik, Nunavut, to movement classes in Shelburne, Nova Scotia, the grants are investing in local solutions, giving people with arthritis an opportunity to connect and thrive in ways that are meaningful to them. We look forward to sharing the outcomes of these first-time projects in coming issues.

As 2023 begins, please continue to refer your patients to the wealth of resources at Our recent Arthritis Talks webinars have focused on fibromyalgia and arthritis, arthritis in the back and neck and assistive devices for arthritis. We’ve also introduced a six-episode yoga series adapted for people with arthritis with or without prior yoga experience.

I’m excited to be participating in person at February’s Annual Scientific Meeting in Quebec City. I look forward to reconnecting with — and meeting — many of you there.


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