Spring 2021 (Volume 31, Number 1)

Expanding Our Online Medical Cannabis Resources

By Trish Barbato, President and CEO, Arthritis Society

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Like you, it’s important to us at the Arthritis Society that people with questions about medical cannabis get their information from a credible source.

It's the reason we continue to develop and expand our resources about medical cannabis to treat arthritis symptoms. From how medical cannabis differs from recreational products to the different forms of medical cannabis, we work to cover all the questions we know people living with arthritis have about this potential treatment. We’ve recently added to our resources, launching our Medical Cannabis Patient Journey and Talking to Your Doctor about Medical Cannabis resources.

The Arthritis Society is committed to responding to the pressing information needs of people with arthritis in many areas. For example, we’re continually updating our information online about COVID-19 and arthritis, including up-to-date information about the vaccines, and we’re expanding the ways in which we share information with our audience. We now offer monthly Arthritis Talks webinars with expert speakers on a range of topics, and have launched an engaging podcast, flourish – The Podcast, available wherever you listen to podcasts.

Thank you for being among the Canadians helping to diminish the pain of arthritis. We encourage you to share our resources with your patients at

Trish Barbato
President and CEO,
Arthritis Society

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