Winter 2020 (Volume 30, Number 4)

New Resources for Patients

By Trish Barbato, President and CEO, Arthritis Society

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Throughout 2020 and the challenges it has brought to all of us in the arthritis community, the Arthritis Society has never wavered in its commitment to support people affected by the disease.

At a time when many health charities have had to scale back their research efforts, we are continuing to meet our funding commitments, and making new ones.

Our Arthritis Talks education webinars, now taking place monthly, are reaching thousands more Canadians than ever before. And, we are steadily adding to our collection of evidence-based online information for people with arthritis.

We invite you to visit our website,, to check out our comprehensive overview of emerging treatment and research, our guide to drug-free pain management options, a detailed biologics and biosimilars portal and lifestyle supports such as our “Life Hack” video series.

As Canada’s voice for the six million Canadians with arthritis, the Arthritis Society is also continuing our campaigns aimed at shining a light on the disease. This holiday season, we’re focusing our messaging on how arthritis takes away the simple joys of life.

Holding hands, playing in the snow and getting dressed shouldn’t hurt.

Thank you for being among the Canadians helping to diminish the pain of arthritis. We encourage you to share our new resources with your patients and networks.

The access code to enter this site can be found on page 4 of the most recent issue of The Journal of the Canadian Rheumatology Association (CRAJ) or at the top of the most recent CRAJ email blast you received. Healthcare professionals can also obtain the access code by sending an email to

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