Winter 2020 (Volume 30, Number 4)

Awards, Appointments, and Accolades

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Dr. Ciarán Duffy – ACR Master

It is our great pleasure to announce that CRA member, Ciarán Duffy, is the 2020 recipient of an ACR Master Award.

The Master Award is one of the highest honours bestowed by the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) and honours outstanding scholarly contributions to the field of rheumatology through clinical care, education, research and leadership over the course of an entire career. In addition, the recipient must have made substantial contributions to the ACR, and/or other national and international bodies devoted to rheumatology.

Dr. Duffy is Professor and Chair, Department of Pediatrics, University of Ottawa and Chief of the Department of Pediatrics at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. He exemplifies the contributions to the field of rheumatology that are being honoured by the ACR Master Designation throughout his career. He has made substantial contributions to clinical care, education and research in pediatric rheumatology and has helped to establish Canadian pediatric rheumatologists as international leaders in research.

Dr. Dafna Gladman - Fellow of the CAHS

Induction into the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences (CAHS) as a Fellow is considered one of the highest honours within Canada’s academic community. Dr. Dafna Gladman, was recently inducted into the CAHS based on her work in psoriatic arthritis (PsA), which has changed the way rheumatologists manage this condition. She found that PsA is more common and more severe than previously thought, identified factors that lead to the development of PsA among patients with psoriasis, and factors that are associated with more severe PsA. She also alerted the medical community to the fact that PsA was associated with important comorbidities including coronary artery disease, diabetes, obesity and depression.

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