Summer 2020 (Volume 30, Number 2)

Regional News

Update from British Columbia

By Jacqueline Stewart, BSc (Hons), B ED, MD, FRCPC

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We are in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I am delighted to highlight two of our new rheumatologists who, in addition to their busy rheumatology practices, have been involved with the management of COVID-19 patients. This brief snapshot focuses on Dr. Kun Huang and Dr. Daniel Ennis.

Dr. Kun Huang is ready for her shift at Surrey Memorial Hospital.

Dr. Kun Huang is on staff at Surrey Memorial Hospital and runs a Myositis Subspecialty Clinic as well at the Mary Pack Arthritis Centre. She spends 25% of her time in hospital-based general internal medicine, and also participates in research through the Canadian Inflammatory Myositis Study. Dr. Huang was keen to work on the front line in the battle against COVID and helped the Health Authority make preparations for the emergency response and cared for patients on the COVID ward. Dr. Huang reflects on her recent experience: “The extra donning and doffing and excessive hand washing became routine and easy. You get used to breathing through a mask, seeing through foggy goggles and not being able to sip coffee while rounding. The camaraderie with nurses and other health professionals made the day not only tolerable but fun.”

Dr. Daniel Ennis works at Vancouver General Hospital and St. Paul's Hospital. He is also host of the CRA's podcast, "Around the Rheum."

Dr. Daniel Ennis is on staff at Vancouver General Hospital and St. Paul’s Hospital. He also works in the vasculitis clinic at the Mary Pack Arthritis Centre and participates in national research initiatives through CanVasc and CanRIO networks. He is also working on the CRA podcast, "Around the Rheum." Of his recent experience, Dr. Ennis says “During the coronavirus pandemic, I have helped in the care of hospitalized COVID-19 patients. I have been humbled by the contributions, sacrifices and kindnesses of our colleagues across the country. They make me proud to be a Canadian rheumatologist in the time of COVID.”


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