Winter 2019 (Volume 29, Number 4)

Survey Results:
CPD and Educational Activities

“Assessment drives learning."
– Cees van der Vleuten, Director of the School of Health Profession Education, Maastricht University, Netherlands

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For this issue’s Joint Count survey, we asked our members about their continuing professional development (CPD) and educational activities. A total of 117 surveys were completed out of a possible 588, with a completion rate of 20%.

The first question of the survey asked members how often they attend the CRA Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) as part of their CPD. Thirty-eight percent (38%) of participants attend annually, with 16% attending every second year, and 19% attending every few years. Only 10% answered that they never attend.

Other than the CRA ASM and other national/international conferences, members attend a wide-ranging variety of other types of CPD activities. More than 80% of respondents say they attend other in-person CPD activities, followed by 50% saying they also participate in online CPD activities. Seventeen percent (17%) of members answered that they attend the CRA ASM and other national/international conferences, exclusively.

Among different types of sessions, 50% have participated in at least one online group learning webinar and 55% in at least one online self-assessment module. Nearly 50% of respondents have also participated in medical podcasts and/or multisource/peer feedback reviews. Notably, 30% of respondents said they participate in more than 20 online journal reviews or presentations annually.

When asked about what other education opportunities they would participate in, if available from the CRA, popular responses included small group learning/in-person (59%); online self-assessment modules (54%); large group learning/in-person (51%); and online reviews of journals/presentations (49%). For more details, refer to Table 1 below.

Survey respondents were also appreciative of the CRA’s continuing professional development opportunities, with one member commenting, “Thank you for the CRA support of educational activities from practicing members to trainees, and providing rigorous, thoughtfully sought educational opportunities for all of us. Thank you for continuing to explore and support more options for member education.”

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