Winter (Volume 28, Number 4)

Quality Care Committee Update

By Cheryl Barnabe, MD, FRCPC, MSc

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The Quality Care Committee (which was previously known as the Optimal Care committee and was renamed this year) is responsible for issues in the field of optimal care for rheumatologic diseases relevant to Canadian practice in alignment with the Canadian Rheumatology Association (CRA) Strategic Priorities. These issues are conceptualized in four separate domains: equity, quality, access, and resource stewardship.

Equity: The major activity was the CRA Indigenous Health Initiative, led by the Quality Care Committee in collaboration with the Education and Annual Scientific Meeting Committee Chairs and an academic family physician. The purpose was to ensure a national distribution of interactive and in-depth educational opportunities in Indigenous Health for CRA members, based on an evidence-based continuing medical education program. Our first cohort of rheumatologists completed their training in September 2018, and the formal evaluation of program outcomes will be presented during the 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting.

Quality: The Quality Care Committee has participated in previous work to develop system-level quality care indicators, and the selection of data items in a core dataset to determine provider-patient quality care indicators. This year we supported work led by Dr. Claire Barber in the development of a balanced scorecard, which will provide feedback on performance of these indicators. The inaugural award to recognize an outstanding project in Quality Care Initiatives was awarded during the 2018 Annual Scientific Meeting in Vancouver.

Access: The Quality Care Committee Chair and several committee members participate in the Arthritis Alliance of Canada Models of Care Working Group. Funding was provided to the Arthritis Alliance of Canada to support the development of a business case for innovative models of care. Dr. Rachel Shupak and Dr. Katie Lundon are completing their analysis of the Stand Up and Be Counted 2 Survey, to capture allied health resources in rheumatology across Canada.

Resource Stewardship: The Choosing Wisely subcommittee participates in national Choosing Wisely events, identifies opportunities for practice audits and Choosing Wisely implementation projects, and distributed a Joint Count Survey to identify needs and directions in this activity.

In 2019, we will be working with the Guidelines Committee to ensure equity considerations are integrated into the RA and SpA Guidelines. Members and residents who are interested in participating in this aspect are welcome to contact me.

Cheryl Barnabe, MD, FRCPC, MSc
Chair, Quality Care Committee
Associate Professor
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta

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