Spring 2016 (Volume 26, Number 1)

Looking to the Future of Rheum…

By Christine Charnock, CEO of the CRA

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Are you new to the “rheum”? Have you heard what we have going on?


The CRA has taken the National Rheumatology Residents’ Weekend (NRRW) under its wing. The event was held January 22-24, 2016. The NRRW is a collaborative event bringing together rheumatology residents from across the country for sessions aimed at professional development, encompassing several different roles. Both pediatric and adult rheumatologists are able to network with colleagues across the country, as well as participate in a formal objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) and written examination. For more information, visit

The Future Leaders in Rheumatology Training (FLIRT) is a mentorship program designed for rheumatologists at an early career stage who are likely to become leaders in research and/or education and/or advocacy in Canada. Deadline to submit applications for the FLIRT mentorship was April 1, 2016; this was a joint application process that required applications be completed by the candidate and a supporter. To learn more, visit

Training Rheumatologists for Tomorrow (TROT) is a program focused on increasing awareness and interest in rheumatology by medical students, internal medicine residents, and pediatric residents… How do we get
the word out? Please contact Dr. Alfred Cividino at for more information.

2025 Committee
What does the future have in store? This committee explores what healthcare, rheumatology care, rheumatologists, and patients are going to look like in 2025. The first brainstorming session took place on January 22, 2016, and counted 20 fairly new, new, or trainee rheumatologists, along with a physiotherapist, nurse, and patient, sharing their projections. We ask you: What can the CRA do to help prepare its members for that future? Please contact me at for more information or with any comments or suggestions.

Dilemma Rheum
The Dilemma Rheum is a series of educational teleconferences designed for recently certified rheumatologists and trainees. Each session will feature an expert-led discussion on a particular topic, along with a case-based Q&A session.

Topics discussed during these educational teleconferences will change, and future topic suggestions are welcome. The first session was held on March 9 on difficult RA. There was great discussion on excellent cases. Upcoming sessions include difficult connective-tissue diseases (CTD) and difficult vasculitis. Please visit
for dates and registration instructions.

We encourage all participants to contribute to the teleconferences by submitting a case, a hot button question for discussion, or a treatment dilemma at the time that they register for the session.

Christine Charnock
Canadian Rheumatology Association
Newmarket, Ontario

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