Spring 2015 (Volume 25, Number 1)

Three Updates to the MOC Program Support Your Learning Needs

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The following information has been provided by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada to help you understand recent updates to the Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Program. Responding to your feedback, the Royal College is continually evolving the MOC Program to help you achieve better performance and patient care.

1. You may be eligible for the MOC Program’s new cycle minimums
New cycle minimums introduced in 2013 aim to encourage Fellows and MOC Program participants to intentionally integrate each section of the MOC Program as they develop and implement a learning plan relevant to their professional practice.

Did you start a new or next Maintenance of Certification Program cycle on or after January 1, 2014?
If yes, then you must document at least 25 credits in each section—1, 2, and 3—of the MOC Program before your five-year cycle ends. Remember, this is a cycle requirement, not an annual one, so you have five years to achieve these minimums.

If no, then the new cycle minimums will not affect you until after you finish your current cycle.

If you do not know, simply log in to your MAINPORT ePortfolio to check your current cycle dates on the dashboard under your name.

2. The 75% policy has been eliminated
The 75% rule used to restrict the number of credits in any one section that could contribute to MOC cycle requirements. There is no longer a cap on the percent of credits that can be earned in each section during an MOC cycle.

3. The Royal College offers a special MOC benefit for Resident Affiliates
Resident Affiliates of the Royal College participating in the MOC Program can earn and transfer up to 75 credits—25 from each section of Group Learning, Self-Learning, and Assessment—into their first MOC cycle as a Fellow. This is a key opportunity for residents to get a head start on the continuous improvement of competence that will become crucial for annual re-licensure once they become Fellows and enter professional practice.

MOC Program Fast Facts

You must earn and report at least:
• 400 credits over the course of your five-year cycle by participating
in educational activities that meet the identified needs of your professional practice.
• 40 credits of continuing professional development (CPD) activities per year, even in the years after you have reached the 400-credit minimum requirement.
• 25 credits per section of the MOC Program over the course of your five-year cycle. Note: only applies to Fellows who started a new/next MOC cycle on/after January 1, 2014.

Resources and Support

• Visit our website for more information
• Log in to MAINPORT ePortfolio
• Download MAINPORT ePortfolio app for iPhones
• Contact the Royal College Services Centre at, 1-800-461-9598 or 613-730-6243 for year-round support.

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