Spring 2015 (Volume 25, Number 1)

CRA Committees: Where Might You Fit In?

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• Annual Scientific Meeting (Content) Committee:Develop the scientific content for the ASM.

• Annual Scientific Meeting (Planning) Committee:Develop all aspects of the ASM apart from the scientific content innovations, speakers, etc.).

• CIORA Review Committee:Review and evaluate project submissions.

• Communications Committee:Review and develop communications content, including newsletters and website copy.

• Education Committee:Help to develop, review, or disseminate Continuing Rheumatology Education, review applications for accreditation of CME activities, and facilitate the sharing of resources amongst rheumatology educators.

• Guidelines Committee:Supervise the creation and dissemination of evidence-based guidelines and provide feedback to other related organizations on pertinent issues.

• Human Resources Sub-Committee:Document current HR situation nationally, provincially, and regionally, particularly to determine areas of shortage). Explore and implement measures to alleviate identified HR problems.

• Optimal Care Committee:Provide advice to the CRA on emerging issues in the field of access to care including Wait Time Alliance (WTA), Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB), and Choosing Wisely.

• Research Committee:CIORA is the main focus of this committee, which requires volunteers to assist in the strategic implementation of the program.

• Therapeutics Committee:Provide advice to the CRA on emerging issues in the field of rheumatology therapeutics and address the issue of drug shortages.

Please contact Claire McGowan-Shaw at if you are interested in volunteering for any of these committees or even for a specific project.

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