Winter 2013 (Volume 23, Number 4)

Provincial Association Committee

By Jane Purvis, MD, FRCPC;
and Denis Choquette, MD, FRCPC

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In February 2013 a new committee was started at the Canadian Rheumatology Association (CRA) meeting in Ottawa to bring all the various provincial rheumatology associations together, with the goal of sharing best practices and ideas. Dr. Shahin Jamal and Dr. Vandana Ahluwalia started this initiative, after they realized that the provinces were working on various, often similar projects, but had never had the opportunity to compare notes. The inaugural meeting was held with representation from British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, and New Brunswick. Information and facts were exchanged on subjects such as drug access and physician remuneration.

One issue currently facing the country is insurance reimbursement for biologic agents; the work that the provincial groups are carrying out with will be shared to all regions.

Our plan now is to increase member representation from all the provinces; we will communicate via quarterly emails, plus a yearly face-to-face meeting at the CRA, to continue the dialogue on what matters to Canadian rheumatologists. A central matter is addressing economic issues that face rheumatologists, including the gross revenue of rheumatologists being grossly under the mean average income of other medical subspecialties. Similarly, we hope to discuss a fee adjustment to practice fees across Canada.

We aim to use the successes in one region to try and gain momentum in others. Current members of this committee are: Dr. Jason Kur, British Columbia; Dr. Kam Shojania, British Columbia; Dr. Dianne Mosher, Alberta; Dr. Joanne Homik, Alberta; Dr. Sharon LeClercq, Alberta; Dr. Wojceich P. Olszynski, Saskatchewan; Dr. David Robinson, Manitoba; Dr. Cory Baillie, Manitoba; Dr. Vandana Ahluwalia, Ontario; Dr. Jane Purvis, Ontario (co-chair); Dr. Denis Choquette, Quebec (co-chair); and Dr. Peter Docherty, NewBrunswick. If you are interested in participating or notice that your province is not represented, contact Dr. Jane Purvis at president@ontariorheum.ca and we would be happy to include you. Any skills and competencies that could be shared to improve the way we practice are most welcome.

Jane Purvis, MD, FRCPC
Ontario Rheumatology Association
The Medical Centre
Peterborough, Ontario

Denis Choquette, MD, FRCPC
Professor of Medicine,
Division of Rheumatology,
Université de Montréal
Quebec Rheumatology Association
Montreal, Quebec

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